The Revival Of Young Israel Of North Beverly Hills

Y. emails: I miss your pieces about local synagogues. The emergence of Young Israel of North Beverly Hills as a major player among local shuls is very exciting. They hired Beth Jacob’s world-class cantor (Netanel Baram), and have had Beth Jacob’s former rabbi (Steven Weil) as a scholar in residence over Sukkot. It’s a well-known secret that Weil will be leaving the OU. Could he return to Beverly Hills in a new role at YINBH?

Take a look at their website:

Note the News and Events section on the right-hand side.

My impression is that the more modern, educated members stepped up to the plate financially. The old-school feuders have left. The shul has a brand new, beautiful building.

Also, a sizeable number of Beth Jacob members have been going to YINBH regularly because they like Cantor Baram. Some even went to YINBH on the high holidays. Basically, if a person lives near Wilshire Boulevard, the two shuls are equidistant.

Don’t know much about why Weil is leaving the OU. Just that there was a lot of resistance to his changes, and one party or both decided that his contract should end. Not sure how much longer he’ll stay there; some say as long as two years. Since YINBH has not yet hired a rabbi, some are speculating that they’re waiting for Weil.

They do not have a rabbi yet, hence the speculation about Rabbi Weil. The rabbi in the picture is Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth. He visited the Southland this past winter.

Since you have many contacts and sources, I thought you might be able to present an interesting summary of the great things going on up at YINBH.

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