Why Do Liberals Hate George Bailey?

“Prager H2: Dennis talks to his good friend and fellow talk show host, Mike Gallagher. His new book is 50 Things Liberals Love to Hate.”

Dennis: “Why do liberals hate George Bailey, the lead character in It’s A Wonderful Life? After all, he took on the banks.”

Mike: “George Bailey was a prudent lender. He was a nice guy, he wasn’t a sucker. He wasn’t an irresponsible lender. He had money to lend in the first place because the borrowers kept current with their mortgage payments. To liberals, this is a terrible way to run the financial system. Liberals say it is a terrible way to decide to lend money based on something so silly as their ability to pay it back. So to liberals if you can’t make the monthly payment, if someone has a spotty credit history, the government steps in to help. Liberals fired George Bailey and the prudent lending he represented, so they hired Fannie Mae instead.”

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