Orthodox Rabbi Attacks Belief In Divine Nature Of The Zohar

This video is a trip:

Historian Marc B. Shapiro writes: “I have no idea who the speaker is, and if he has ever even read a page of the Zohar, but he does seem very sure of himself. I have no objection to discussing the authorship of the Zohar and the ideas found there, or Kabbalah as a whole. However, I would think that a little humility is called for when discussing a discipline that was a basic part of the religious worldview of so many central figures. Do the names Nahmanides, R. Joseph Karo, or the Vilna Gaon mean anything to this speaker?”

Here’s more information on the speaker.

From his organization BeJewish.org:

Torah Judaism International was founded in 2011 by Rabbi Asher Meza of BeJewish.org as a one stop portal for everything educationally Jewish on the web.

Torah Judaism International:

is currently the only Orthodox organization in the world that actively encourages Jewish Conversion among the masses.

Is currently the only Orthodox organization that teaches Judaism according to the rationalistic school of Jewish thought in contrary to the Neo Kabalistic ideologies in place today.

Is an active counter Missionary organization eager to seek out new adherents from any religious group or secular movement.

Is the only Orthodox organization with an international Halachic Conversion program.

What works do we consider doctrinally relevant:

The Tanach (The Torah, Prophets and the writings) (Completely Online)

The Rambam’s Sefer of Mitzvot (the Enumeration of the 613 commandments found in the Torah) (Completely Online)

The Rambam’s Mishneh Torah (the Codification of the Decrees of the Sanhedrin and the Oral Law as found in the Talmud) (Completely Online)

Recommended reading apart from the texts mentioned above:

The nine questions people ask about Judaism

Jewish Wisdom (Rabbi Joseph Telushkin)

Jewish Liturgy (Rabbi Joseph Telushkin)

Duties of the Heart

Guide for the perplexed

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