A Man Could Pay Attention To His Wife’s Every Need

Allison Armstrong said on Dennis Prager’s radio show Wednesday that a husband could pay attention to his wife’s every need, but then he’d need to borrow money from her because he couldn’t make it in his job. Men’s minds focus on getting things done at work and men don’t naturally focus on pleasing people. Women’s minds naturally open up a file on everyone they meet and note preferences and how to please, not because women love necessarily, but because that is how their minds work. Women survive in the world through their relationships, through pleasing people and connecting. Men survive in the world by getting things done. Men look to constantly increase their competence.

A man who does not want to provide has never succeeded at providing. That will kill a man’s desire to provide if he never wins at providing.

Men protect before they provide. A wife might want a swimming pool or a foreign vacation, but the husband might say no to protect the bank account. Men protect savings and energy. Men are big energy conservers.

Women think that if a man does not naturally know what she wants without her having to spell it out, then he doesn’t love her enough to pay attention. Not true. Men’s minds are focused elsewhere, such as on competence at work. If men instead focused on continually pleasing their wives and intuiting their every wish, they would have not enough mental space to succeed at their job.

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