The Forward Distorts Dennis Prager’s Words

I guarantee you that Dennis Prager did not say that they’d still be gassing Jews if liberals had their way.

I guarantee you that was a misrepresentation by the Forward.

Brett Lieberman writes:

MINNEAPOLIS – Likening liberals to those who appeased Nazi Germany in the run-up to World War II, conservative radio talk show host Dennis Prager told 400 Jewish Republican leaders “they’d still be gassing Jews” if liberals and peace activists had their way.

“The left does not understand that Auschwitz was not liberated by peace activists,” Prager said Tuesday during a reception honoring GOP governors at the Republican National Convention.

The U.S. military, not peace activists, deserves credit for bringing about peace, he said.

”They’d still be gassing Jews if we listened to peace activists,” he said. “Gandhi said to the Jews, ‘Do not resist Hitler.’ Gandhi did a lot of great work in India. You know why? Because when you advocate peaceful resistance against the British, it works. Peaceful resistance against evil does not work.”

Asked later about whether his remarks could be perceived by some as insensitive, Prager stood by his comments saying, “It is inconceivable” that anybody could be offended.

Told that some people might be sensitive about comparisons involving appeasement and the Holocaust, he said, “That’s fine with me, so what?”

Prager, a syndicated radio host who broadcasts from Los Angeles, was appointed to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council, which oversees the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, by President Bush in 2006.

Prager emceed the event hosted by the Republican Jewish Coalition, which attracted a who’s who of Jewish Republicans including several governors, state lawmakers, major donors and Sallai Meridor, Israel’s ambassador to the United States.

The comments, which drew strong applause, came as Prager decried liberals as full of good intentions but lack wisdom.

“Goodness without wisdom is useless,” Prager said. “That in my opinion summarizes those on the left. Many of our fellow Jews are very, very idealistic, especially our kids in universities. We want a nice world, a kind world, but they lack the wisdom to discern the difference between good and evil.

“I dare say that the American military has brought more goodness on earth than all the political scientists and peace activists,” he said.

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