Clear And Present Danger

Stephen Steinlight emails: We have reached a moment of political crisis. Our President has trampled on the Constitution and is making immigration policy as if he were out dictator. I urge all who care about fixing our broken immigration system, ending open-borders immigration, and, even more important, preserving our democratic rights and the integrity of the US Constitution to react with fury and disgust to the mass illegal amnesty President Obama announced Friday. I urge you to contact the White House so they can be in no doubt about the outrage of the American people.

Just as crucial, I urge you to contact elected Republican officials and any close to, with influence on, or working on Romney’s election team to deliver the following message in the clearest terms: President Obama has taken ethnic pandering to an all-time low and in doing so he has given Governor Romney an historic opportunity. Romney must show civic courage and double-down on his tough immigration policy and make a speech to the American people telling them the first duty of the President is to secure the life, liberty and livelihoods of American citizens — not abuse our Founding documents and political process to amnesty lawbreakers for political advantage. Romney must lambaste Obama for betraying American citizens during the worst period of unemployment since the Great Depression. He should not hesitate to define what Obama has done in blunt, accurate language: Obama has flouted the Democratic system and has chosen to play the role of dictator.

On Friday, President Obama issued an amnesty vastly larger in scale than the DREAM ACT he could not secure in Congress. Impatient with our system of democratic rule through our elected representatives, this post-American tin-horn tyrant has circumvented Congress, abused his limited power of administrative parole, and by Executive order has announced that MILLIONS of illegal aliens under the age of 31 can remain in America indefinitely. He will issue work permits to these permanently paroled lawbreakers that will allow them to unfairly compete for jobs with our 20 million unemployed Americans and create even higher hurdles for millions of American students graduating high school and college — people for whom he cares not a whit.

He appears utterly unfazed by the fact that he has shown open contempt for the Constitution of the United States. Law-making powers are given exclusively to Congress by the Constitution. All immigration policy powers are given to Congress alone. Granting de facto amnesty to millions of illegal aliens is an act beyond the authority of the President. He has heaped scorn on the Constitution and shown indifference to 20 million unemployed Americans.

If you believe in your country, you must take a few minutes and call the White House Comment Line at 202-456-1111 and express your indignation. Let the White House know that by granting this imperial amnesty Obama has destroyed his chances of re-election. If that number isn’t working, then call the White House switchboard at 202-456-1414.

Again, no not forget to contact every Republican that counts, every Republican with access to Governor Romney and convey the message that if he sticks to his tough position on immigration he can regard this election as won. Call and leave messages for your Republican member of Congress and your Republican Senators.

Only one thing can stop this monumentally ill-considered act from being suicidal for Obama: If Romney permits weak-kneed Republicans like Jeb Bush and others to pressure him to soften his stance on illegal immigration. If he wisely ignores their advice he will win 10 Independents for every Hispanic to whom Obama has pandered. He will also have a greatly enhanced chance of winning several Blue States in the Rust Belt as working voters defect from the Democrats and support his candidacy to protect their jobs from illegal aliens.

Please get to work and stay on the job. If we lose this battle we lose America.

Please believe me.

Very truly yours,

Stephen Steinlight

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