Dennis Prager Finds Gustav Coverage Boring

On his radio show at 9:10 am today: "It’s only category two. It’s not worthy of anybody’s attention.

"I find the preoccupation with the hurricane boring. I have no interest in watching any of the television newscasts. I’m interested in watching for 30 seconds, get an update, and then find out what else is happening on planet earth."

"Are the networks keeping you riveted with their 24/7 coverage of a hurricane that may not turn out to be much?"

"This is all a reaction to Katrina."

"Do you want to know why the Europeans became pacifists? Because of World War I.

"People react to a tragedy and apply the lessons for the next ten, twenty, hundred years.

"Just as there was a post-Vietnam America, there is a post-Katrina America. We will be preoccupied with the possible and real sufferings of our fellow citizens in any natural disaster, no matter how big or small."

"Did John McCain have no choice? No choice for tonight. Unless we’re talking about unprecedented levels of destruction, there should be a Republican convention."

"In the long run, what happens at the conventions will have a deeper impact than what happens in a hurricane.

"But we live in an age of conspicuous compassion."

Why do we keep spending our tax dollars bailing out people who choose to live in dangerous places? Let them rebuild with their own dollars. I’d say the same if Los Angeles was leveled by an earthquake.

I’m tired of people saying that Barack Obama got more viewers than the opening night ceremony for the Olympics.

Sheesh, Obama was on a dozen different channels simultaneously. The opening of the Games was on one channel.

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