Andrew Friedman Supports Carmen Trutanich For District Attorney

There’s nobody in the Los Angeles Jewish community more politically connected than personal injury lawyer Andrew Friedman, one of the old-school Hungarians of Hancock Park.

In 2005, when most of the Jewish community supported Bob Hertzberg or James Hahn for mayor, Andrew Friedman supported the winner — Antonio Villaraigosa.

If you want to get things done in this city, it helps to have connections. Andrew Friedman has connections. It couldn’t do you any harm to throw in a donation to his shul, Beis Naftali synagogue (next door to Young Israel of Hancock Park).

The Los Angeles Times reported Jan. 14, 1993:

Even Andrew Friedman, the president of a splinter group that left Mogen Abraham, praises Low as a man who has “helped more individuals in Los Angeles and throughout the world than any rabbi that I know.”

Some members of Friedman’s newly founded Beis Naftali synagogue may have left because of the turmoil at Mogen Abraham, Friedman said in a telephone interview from Israel, but “aside from his business problems, quote unquote, people do respect him a lot.”

In the race for District Attorney of Los Angeles, Andrew Friedman supports Carmen Trutanich.

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