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Gothamist posts:

A 30-year-old mother of four, aspiring model, and former member of Brooklyn’s Hasidic community is fighting for a divorce from her allegedly abusive husband and for custody of her children. “It was an arranged marriage,” Pearlperry Reich tells the Post, referring to her wedding to Sinai Susholz when she was 18-years-old. “We got married and right away we had issues.” Reich claims that Susholz “cut up her $4,000 wig and told her mother in front of their children that she was a “slut.” Susholz apparently has taken to Facebook to accuse her of “promiscuous sexual activities.”
Reich has moved away from Borough Park to New Jersey, but still keeps an Orthodox home for her children. “My dressing in pants and being openly non-conforming to their standards is NEVER in front of my children,” she wrote in an email to the Daily Mail. Shusholz’s attorney is arguing that because she is no longer personally observant, the couple’s children, ages 5 to 9, are at risk. “It’s not in the best interest of the children to raise them other than how they’ve been brought up,” the attorney says.

Nikki emails: Dear Luke,
I am modern Orthodox women from New Jersey who has over the years met the now fairly famous, or maybe rather infamous PearlPerry Reich from Lakewood a couple times and have friends in Lakewood who actually know her quite well. Honestly the first thing that struck me about the whole story was- How can she do this to her kids? I don’t give a damn how miserable she was, is that a reason to permanently scar and ruin her kids lives??
Rumors have been pouring forth. I have has no question that she is very troubled women. All you need to do is hear her say shes an x-hasid actress and a model even though shes in her 30’s, is married with four hasidic kids and has an open relationship with her boyfriend that looks like hes in 12th grade, watch her interview, and hear the horror stories about how shes been neglecting her kids, and you’ll start wondering if the rumors about her are only rumors or maybe there’s allot of truth to them.
In any case this women or I should say this story has been the butt of many jokes and articles on blogs over the last few months. The the daily texts jokes that’s being passed around are endless. Some made me laugh so hard I almost started crying, others made just plain cry. The following is gem someone emailed me that that they found on line:

**The following transcript is a work of fiction inspired by true events.
Names have been changed to protect the identity of the pure and innocent helpless children.**

Selfish and Abusive Mom’s Magazine [SAM MAG.]
recently sat down with Miss PPP Reich to hear her thoughts about her recent rise to fame.

S.M: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with us. It’s really a privilege.
P: You’re welcome. It is a privilege, you have no idea how busy I am.
S.M: So let’s get started. I know this sounds ridicules but what’s your
real name? Is it Perry or Penina or Pairaleh or Porn…? Please
P: I guess any of the above.
S.M: Which do you prefer?
P: It depends, I don’t like to commit to one, I have a problem with commitment.
S.M: So tell us about your background. You were brought up in Boro Park?
P: Yes. I grew up in Boro Park and had a great childhood. I went to a
Chasidiser Bais Yaakov, I’m not going to say the name because I think
they’re embarrassed.
S.M: Were you always into men growing up?
P: Yes and no. I was always into men, but lately as I grow older I have been more into boys.
S.M.: Like Shauly? Is it true that he’s 8 years younger than you?
P: This is an absolute lie that the frum community has invented. He is only 7 years younger than me.
S.M: So what happened after high school?
P: I went to seminary, dated a few guys and got married to my husband.
S.M: What happened to your marriage? You’re obviously very bitter…
P: From the beginning my husband was very abusive. He once even
sent me a text stating that I’m “playing with fire”. And one time after I
came home very late at night and he was watching the kids, he accused me of being a “slut” cus I was at a club with some friends.
S.M: So did you try working your marriage out?
P: Yes. Very much. The problem is he’s so full of hate, and he’s
bitter. We lived in Lakewood, then in Brooklyn, then in Lakewood again. I have been through so much. None of the neighbors wanted to let they’re kids play with my kids for ridicules reason’s like, gasp, failure to wear a wig, and wearing pants outside the house, and having many male friends. Some married some not Jewish. Back then, I did this at night and only when I went to clubs. Not in the frum stores. It was a secret. Obviously not a very well kept secret I admit. After everyone started calling me a slut, thats when I came out in the open. I mean Its sickening that people would be so closed minded. My children have been in and out of many schools. I have gone through hell, and why? All because the community is concerned about the fact that I don’t keep the rules. I refuse to give in to this pressure.
S.M: Many have claimed…
S.M.Um, excuse me I’m sure your texts are important, but could that hold off until after we finish this interview?
P. Sorry, go ahead.
S.M. Many have claimed that your failure to follow the rules is selfish
since after all your children are paying the bitter price. I mean is it all
worth it for a pair of jeans?
P: This is not all about a pair of jeans. Those are ridicules claims. It’s about pants, and shirts, and bikinis, and not wearing clothing at all. This is America, a free country. It’s not “only jeans”.
S.M: You’re a model and an actress, where have you acted and where have you modeled?
P: I took upon myself to come here today to speak with all of you,
which is a really really hard task for me to do, because I kept my
divorce secret due to trying to preserve the dignity of my children,…
S.M: What does have to do with the question?
P:… the fact that I came on here today was to represent millions and
billions of women going through what am going through today. Now: I…
S.M: You say you kept this a secret to protect the kids dignity. Do you still care about they’re dignity?
P: Yes. But I also need dignity. Telling me that I cant wear jeans,
that I cant get undressed and have my pictures online, that I cant live a life of variety when it comes to men, is taking away my dignity. That
is not a religion that’s a cult. What is written in the scripture is
completely negated. It’s like chocolate cake. They have one agenda, to
keep people in the system. In order to be in the system it’s impossible
to follow the recipe of the bible. The bible is humane. In the system,
if a women wants be married and sleep with other men she will have all
her tools taken away, she looses her job, she loses her kids…
S.M: Well…sort of. So both you and your son went on Dr., excuse me, both you and your friend went on Dr. Phil right?
P: Yes.
S.M: Both of you did not do too bad considering that you can’t really speak English. What country are you from and when did you migrate?
P: I was born in the state of New York in the Boro of Brooklyn, which for you information is one of the 48 states of America.
S.M: You have claimed your sub community is very closed minded and unaccepting, can you explain?
P: I find that most people in general are closed minded and very not understanding. It sickens me how most people out there cant accept other peoples views and are so not understanding. I simple don’t understand it. The frum community is the worst, If you don’t agree with them your automaticly labeled a title. They’re like the Taliban.
S.M: You say you like to follow the Bible only. Are you referring to the new testament or the old testament?
P: Um, The one that says “Ais La’sos Lashem”. I’m not sure if that’s in the newer edition or the older one. In any case the frummies, who claim to be frum have no respect for they’re own Torah. The part of Eis la’sos
Lashem they totally ignore, and negate. They don’t realize the
importance of this.
Making other people happy is also part of the Torah. But nooooo, that part they ignore. Yes, very often Eis La’sos Lashem and happiness, simcha, is ignored.
S.M: Many have claimed that children growing up in frum schools with a
mother like you will ultimately lead them to catastrophic consequences. What’s your response?
P: I would tell them they should try to think out of the system and realize that I am a good mother. I only want the best for my children. It’s none of anyone’s business how frum I am.
S.M: There have been people coming forward recently claiming that you
have been leaving your kids at other peoples houses so you can go party. Recently the Department of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) of New Jersey had gotten involved. Can you address this?
P: I think that the fact that I have been putting my children in others people houses just comes to show actually how responsible I have been with they’re welfare. An irresponsible mother wouldn’t put her kids in a safe environment, Another thing is, these people are a bunch of turn coats all these years they claimed they were helping me, and now they are coming to testify against me. It’s disgusting.
S.M: They say they felt bad for you since they thought you were having marital issues, so they took your kids. They didn’t know
you were going to clubs and Rock concerts with various men.
P: It’s none of they’re business about what I do with my life! Why can’t these frum people understand that it’s none of they’re damn business what other people do.
S.M. Why do you post so many pictures of yourself all over?
P. (Laughing) You know of a better person to post pictures of?
S.M. There are so many pictures of you partying. How do you have so much time?
P. I don’t. I am actually very busy and a single mother of four. But I think everyone can find time for things that are important to them.
S.M: Why do you live in Lakewood, most of the people there are frum?
P:That is another lie the frum people want you to believe. Most of the people there are NOT frum. There are also Mexicans, and other’s too.
Also by living there I am making a statement. This is a free country, I can live where I want. I also like taking pictures together with my kids
by the lake.
S.M: Can you tell us about your new boyfriend?
P: Which one? Shaoly? We have an open relationship. He is a doll. He is a songwriter, composer and rock star. Unlike me, he is an atheist.
S.M: What do the two of you have in common.
P: Well he’s a composer and Rock star, I’m a model and actress. It’s like a perfect Hollywood match.
S.M: Like Madonna and Justin Bieber, accept Madonna looks younger than you?
P: Exactly. We hope to be on the cover of People Magazine.
S.M: What does it feel like to become famous like this so fast?
P: It’s amazing! It’s like a dream come true. We will actually soon be debuting in our very own reality show. There will be three people, we are looking for a fourth.
S.M. Oh, how nice. Good luck with trying to find that fourth person to watch. I’m a little surprised you already have three people willing to watch.
P. Come on, you don’t think its gonna be a huge hit?
S.M: We noticed you have sort of a fan club that is mostly male. Can you explain that.
P: I could… but I won’t (laughing), Seriously, I don’t want my kids to
read this one day and find out. They think I’m frum (laughing). Also men
are perverts sometimes. But I cant live without them (laughing).
S.M. We are almost finished could you please stop texting just until we finish?
P. Sorry. Texting is my second love. The first is Shaoly.
S.M: Can you talk to us about your physical appearance…
P: Sure! My favorite subject.
S.M: How much do you weigh without the makeup?
P: That’s a hard question… I never had that happen.
S.M: How about your hair. What’s your natural color.
P: Contrary to what my husband and my family want you to think, I’m
naturally blond (smiles). All my life since I was born I dyed it brown.
S.M: A couple of current events questions. Rush Limbaugh has recently
come under criticism for calling a women a slut and a prostitute in
public. Do you take offense to that?
P: I don’t think he was talking to me. So the answer no. Although I think that women probably learned
her trick on how to get some free publicity from me. Seriously.
S.M: Who are you endorsing for president? And Why?
P: I’m endorsing President Obama because he is the most pro Palestinian. And I have something for black men.
S.M: Any plans for yourself about running in the future?
P: Yes. I think I have a lot to offer this great country. But right now I have business to tend to at home, Shaoly and my career come first.
S.M. And the kids?
P. They would be fine whatever I do. I’m not worried about them too much.
S.M: One last question. Why do you think there is so much negativity towards you?
P: The answer is obvious: They are all jealous of me. Every one of them.
S.M: Thank you for sitting down with us. We hope you come back.
P: Bye.

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