Why Be Religious?

Joe the Orthodox Jew emails: God let the human mind develop to the point where it can challenge the divine. It has probably gone way too far at this point.

Think about it, take any story in the torah, especially the rites of passage in Genesis, and except for the massive famine in Egypt and joseph’s omniscience as to the future (in my mind the most important story in all the Bible), all of them could have been successfully negotiated by use of any one or more of the Engine, the Bomb, or the iPhone.

1. Abraham having to sacrifice Isaac, much easier of a challenge with a remote controlled buzz saw and the angel would only have had to cut off the power supply. Kind of like sonny’s advice to Michael, killing someone point blank is much easier than from a mile away, you get your suit dirty.

2. Jacob leaving to Padan Aram. With a car, it is a one day trip.

3. Joseph having to find his brothers and being left in a pit. With the iPhone (concealed in his person), he would not have gotten lost, and he could have texted to help when thrown in the pit.

4. The jews in Egypt. Those ten plagues were wholly unnecessary if Moses had a suitcase nuclear bomb – it would not have been the first borns.

Mind you, none of this disproves gods existence, but it makes it easier to say who needs a god. The argument now is that no scientist can explain creation ex nihilo, but there is no proof that god is the only person that can do that. To say that there is an intelligent designer so as to deify nature, well, nature and the cosmos are a mess. The universe is barely habitable, most life forms do not have the longevity of a Pontiac, and no religion can possibly justify the amount of blood being spilled in the defense of religion.

I choose to play it safe and observe the laws because there might just be something in the next life. But, other than that, I have no answer as to why people do not observe Judaism or other religions

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