President Obama Fans Flames Of Hatred In The Trayvon Shooting

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager said: “Why did the president need to inject himself into this controversial killing [of black teen Trayvon Martin] in Florida?”

“It was a mob-creating, anger-creating, division-creating statement on his part. There was no need for it. He knows nothing about the case. Almost none of us know anything about the case. The recent history of media mob creation with regard to what happened at Duke, where many professors and the press generally were convinced that the white members of the Duke Lacrosse team had gang-raped this black woman. It turned out to be false. The Jenna six.”

“The left is so adamant about presumptions of innocence until found guilty are only too prepared to call someone guilty without knowing a damn thing about the case. The only thing the president did was to foment anger out of ignorance. This is unparalleled in my lifetime. I do not recall a president injecting himself into a racial issue to fan the flames.”

“Why does a president intervene in the Sandra Fluke – Rush Limbaugh incident? Did he ever condemn Bill Mahr for the far-worse language he used about women?”

“To suspend the police chief because he hasn’t arrested a man without any evidence?”

Jewish Journal blogger Brad Greenberg recently jumped to a bunch of hate-inciting conclusions without knowing almost anything:

Mother of five beaten to death for being a Muslim immigrant

Though on their face, the two deaths look different, they both come from the same hateful place—it’s just that one was motivated by race and the other by religion.

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