Did Dennis Prager Fear Nuclear War?

On his show Mar. 24, 2012, Dennis said: “Did I ever think during the Cold War that a hot war was inevitable? Never. Not for a day. I was young during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I had zero fear.”
“I remember we had exercises in school to protect us in case of a nuclear attack and I remember laughing myself silly when I would be told to go under the desk now. I thought, ‘You’ve got to be kidding. There’s going to be a nuclear attack on New York and my desk will protect me? There were some people who built fall-out shelters. I thought they were eccentric.”
“I never worried for a day because mutual assured destruction works with people who enjoy life and the communist leaders enjoyed life. They had periodic orgies. They drank themselves silly. They had gorgeous homes called dachas on riverbanks. These people didn’t want to die.”
“I do fear a war from an Islamic country [because they don’t fear dying].”

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