Where Was The Bombshell In The Latest Andrew Breitbart Video?

Dennis Prager today: “Breitbart.com releases new footage of Barack Obama lovingly introducing the late Harvard Law Professor, Derrick Bell, one of the founders of Critical Race Theory, a legal theory that presupposes that American society is inherently racist. Why didn’t the mainstream media release this information four years ago?”

Soledad O’Brien on CNN says to Joel Pollack, editor of the Breitbart sites: “Let’s go back to the clips. What part of that was the bombshell?”

Joel: “The bombshell is the relationship between Barack Obama and Derrick Bell.”

Soledad: “So he’s a Harvard Law student and he’s a Harvard Law professor. Yeah?”

Dennis: “The bombshell is how close Barack Obama was and what a disciple he was to one of the most radical law professors in American history.”

Joel: “Derrick Bell is the Jeremiah Wright of academia. He developed critical race theory which holds that the civil rights movement was a sham and that white supremacy is the order and it must be overthrown.”

Dennis: “We have a Harvard law student whose greatest intellectual influence was a man who thought that white supremacy was dominant in the United States.”

According to Wikipedia: “Although no set of canonical doctrines or methodologies defines CRT, the movement is loosely unified by two common areas of inquiry. First, CRT has analyzed the way in which white supremacy and racial power are reproduced over time, and in particular, the role that law plays in this process. Second, CRT work has investigated the possibility of transforming the relationship between law and racial power, and more broadly, the possibility of achieving racial emancipation and anti-subordination.”

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