Alexander Exercise For Amazing Orgasms!

Just kidding! There’s no such exercise as far as I know.

How am I, a humble Alexander teacher, going to compete with videos like this?

The path of the righteous is a lonely one.

Maybe I could prescribe active rest before lovemaking and talk about how it draws energy up your body and opens your heart and rejuvenates your cells and increases your vitality, blah, blah.

In this podcast, Alexander teacher Constance Clare Newman talks about how Alexander can stimulate your love life. But she’s about the only Alexander teacher who will talk publicly about such a sexy topic. While the politics of Alexander teachers tends to lean left, we’re quite conservative in the way we speak about our work. Alexander Technique has no legal standing (unlike the practice of law and medicine) and thus Alexander teachers tend to be insecure and careful about their public image. You’re not going to find Alexander teachers promising cures or recommending tantric exercises for amazing orgasms.

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