Jewish Journal’s Jewrnalism Blog Wins No Prizes For Literary Merit

According to the blog: “Jewrnalism is a network of young Jewish citizen journalists from Central Eastern Europe and multimedia info-activism platform that will train those young amateur journalists to report on and promote the life and work of their Jewish communities. Jewrnalism offers Jewish educational institutions, tour groups, and Jewish websites up-to-date reporting (both video and print) about European Jewish life, alongside curricula and classroom guides.”

Its output is frequently horrendous. Somebody named Pavel Pustelik writes: “One of the highlights was a talk with two authors that focus on the problems of coexistence of Jews, Muslims and Christians in the Mediterranean area. David Abulafia from Cambridge University and Philip Mansel offered tremendously interesting talk on how peaceful the coexistence was and in what ways we can benefit from that. The room was full and two gentlemen have been delving in them peculiarities of Smyrna and Tel Aviv.”

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