LA Times Hopes For Mayor

As Mickey Kaus wrote: "When Villaraigosa announced his marital trouble last month, the hapless LAT, in its traditional life-draining thumbsucker, listed Gary Hart as one of the politicians who emerged from personal scandal "with their careers largely intact, or enhanced." I’m sure ex-Sen. Hart, now a prestigious HuffPo blogger, will be happy to learn this. …"

Here’s another "traditional life-draining thumbsucker from the July 9 edition."

I love the hopeful headline and kicker: "Villaraigosa affair may not be one to remember. In the long run, voters could focus more on how well he does his job."

It’s stupid to write all these analysis pieces saying the mayor can overcome this scandal until we know how many more scandals are coming down the pike on this score. I predict several. This story is still developing. The Times should spend its resources getting the story instead of writing these endless opinion pieces masquerading as news.

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