The Fall And Fall Of Tzipi Livni

A few years ago, I wondered about all the flattering things written by leftists journalists about Tzipi Livni. She was without accomplishment yet flooded by favorable press.

Now she’s been shown for what she is — a zero.

Jonathan Tobin writes: “Livni has been a hopeless opposition leader. Having refused Netanyahu’s offer of a coalition and a high cabinet post because she thought she would soon replace him, she now finds her party supplanted in the eyes of the public as the main alternative to the Likud by a resurgent Labor.”

I wrote in November of 2006:

Israel’s Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni walked to the lectern. Most everybody stood up and cheered. The crowd wanted to like her but the applause died out quickly as Tzipi had little to say beyond cliches.

She was hotter in person than on TV. She looked as healthy as a horse. I would have liked her to be my big sister but she did not strike me as Foreign Minister material. She struck me as a lightweight, like Ehud Ohlmert, the Prime Minister.

Tzipi proclaimed “there is no room for terrorism.”

Yeah, that will solve the problem.

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