The Cruelty Of Labor Unions

Labor unions will go on strike and devastate an entire country. It happens repeatedly in Australia and England, two countries I am familiar with.

During WWII, labor unions (particularly dock workers) in Australia kept striking, damaging the country’s war effort.

Unions corrupt. Their employees stop thinking as much about doing their job as well as possible and start thinking more about their benefits. Unions are an unnecessary layer between employees and owners and they make almost every business less efficient.

Just think of the damage done to public schools by teacher unions.

And now Israel is suffering a massive labor shut-down.

Just as it makes a decision on whether or not to bomb Iran, just when the very survival of the country is at stake, Israel’s biggest labor union brings the country to its knees.

JTA reports: Israeli workers launched an open-ended general strike.

The strike launched Wednesday by the Histadrut, Israel’s main labor union, closed down the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, stopped trains across the country and caused major delays at Ben Gurion Airport. The crippling strike also affected hospitals, government offices and banks.

Histadrut Chairman Ofer Eini and Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz met until late Tuesday in order to avoid the strike. Talks between the union and the government failed to reach agreement on including contract workers in labor agreements.

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