The Private Lives Of Public Media

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager said: “Republicans are looking for a serious person with the right ideas who understands what is at stake in November of 2012. The reason Mitch Daniels is not running for president is family related. He does not want the damage the media will do to candidates, especially Republican candidates. I don’t blame him.

“Many people are willing to die for this country but are not willing to have their name ruined for this country.”

“There is only one answer. The private lives of major people in the media must be revealed. Those who have money to spare in Republican life might want to consider starting a fund with millions of dollars to have muckrakers publish the life and sexual habits of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal (even though the WSJ does not engage in this), Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, etc…

“If your claim is that we need to know everything of a public figure because of the influence they wield, then because of the influence you wield, we need to know this much about you.”

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