Why Wasn’t Hamas Invited?

Robert J. Avrech writes:

There’s been a certain amount of carefully orchestrated controversy swirling round the NBNFIJBC.

Backstory: A notorious apologist for Muslim terror whispered to Haaretz—duh—that the conference was made up of right wing religious nuts.

Some Haaretz hack—redundancy, I know—published an article, half of which were lies and the other half not true. To gauge the radical leftist slant of the article, get this: the Haaretz author ID’d Treppenwitz as a resident of “Efrat, in the West Bank.” However, the Haaretz piece nowhere mentions the cities where other bloggers reside.

Subtext: Treppenwitz is an evil settler, therefore nothing he says can be trusted.

A not so clever blood libel.

Haaretz writer will say:

I stand by my piece.


I’ll let my readers decide.

The playbook of intellectual collapse and dishonesty.

There is no such thing as journalistic objectivity. A writer/journalist/whatever stakes out specific ideological territory as soon as he chooses his subject matter. All the rest are details to support the writer’s political world-view.

The Haaretz piece does not qualify as journalism. It’s a disgrace, a wretched hack job written by a tool of the Israeli left, apologists for Arab terror. The writer should be fired so he can gain employment with Hamas or the PA, pumping out anti-Jewish propaganda, his true calling.

Treppenwitz details the entire gruesome drama here.

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