Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

One of the first things I did in my new office was to thoroughly shampoo and clean the carpets.

My friend at Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning Pros emails me:

One of the biggest complaints consumers raise when having their carpets cleaned is the dry time. The most often asked question – other than price – is how long will it take for the floors to dry.

It’s a fair question. Having wet, squishy carpets for hours on end is a
major headache. You can’t walk on it. You’ll stain the carpet if you put
furniture down while it’s still wet. If the floor is left too wet you risk
stains creeping back up to the top of the fibers (known as ‘bleed back’). Most importantly, it doesn’t just doesn’t seem quite healthy. Taking four to seven hours to dry means that you might have issues with mold – or at least the odor.

Our method uses about 75% less water than the common ‘steam cleaning’ process and leaves the consumer with no issues once we leave. This is made possible by our ‘encapsulation’ (also known as encap) cleaning products.

In short, we apply a pre spray to all areas prior to cleaning. This pet
and people safe cleaning solution crystallizes in your carpet and
literally traps the dirt and grime in your floor. This is followed with a
dual process extraction that fully removes the dirt leaving you with
clean, residue free carpet.

We’re carpet cleaning Las Vegas seven days a week. Feel free to contact us anytime to learn more about what we do.

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