Have I Ever Known The Love God?

Pastor Jim Fitzsimmons in Australia emails: hi Luke, I wonder if you have ever known The love God? The love that caused Him to send Christ for you on Calvary. The love that sent His Spirit to speak with you, in the things of God? When you were a child, I met you with your Dad, on a bush track in Avondale college. Cute, bright and intelligent. Since then, I have often thought about you, and what became of you. Often prayed for you and your soul.

It’s well known your journey has taken you on a path that challenges most Christians. It is clear from your activity that you are in rebellion against Christ. You know it, but can’t face it. You have a grudge against Him for no other reason than His enormous love for you regardless of your life of sin and shame.

So the easy way is to break free from your Dads beliefs, the Adventist message, and the Word of God. Your messed up, confused, and you have resorted to acting instead. All you have ever done is in response to living in the shadows of your famous and loving father. That’s probably explains why you crave fame. It helps you to cope with your deepest anger and jealousies.

Satan has triumphed through you. It is his evil breath you have been breathing for a long, long time. Without the presence of the Holy Spirit, Satan is more than a match for any man. His genius is to deceive. You are guided daily by a legion of evil spirits directly under his express orders. You are doing a work for Satan, of the same ferocity that controlled the lives of Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler and a cast and crew too numerous to mention. These spirits crowd around you by day and by night, for they see in you a special prize.

Your past is painted by fallen angels. Your future is a day, where you will have to stand before Christ, look him in the eye and….confess on your knees your hate and anger. But it will be too late. You will then see how much you have been controlled by Satan’s power. What a loss. What a fool. What a jerk you will feel then. But all that’s left will be to be punished for your evil and bitter dislike for The Lovely Christ.

But I believe, that if you turn to Christ now, he will forgive and forget all your many sins. Because that’s how his grace works. It’s not religion you need Luke, it’s Christ.

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