Ron Paul’s Racist Newsletters

(FOX19) – The talk of Ron Paul’s racist newsletters has been all over the news for the past few weeks and seem to dominate all of the Congressman’s interviews.

So what about these newsletters is true and what is the rest of the media not telling you?

Starting as far back as 1976, Congressman Paul published a newsletter. It has gone by several names. The Ron Paul Political Report, The Ron Paul Investment Letter, etc.

That newsletter was largely an investment newsletter, dealing with currency, gold and investments. That was the case from 1976 to 1988.

Over the course of those 144 editions, no racist content.

To understand this story, you have to look at the timeline.

In 1984 Paul gave up his seat in Congress when he made an unsuccessful run for the Senate.

In 1985 he went back to Texas to continue to practice medicine full time as an OB-GYN.

His return to politics as a Congressman was in 1996.

In 2007 when Congressman Paul was last running for president, a newspaper called The New Republic found copies hard copies of the newsletters, and these, they reported, were filled with racist, anti-homosexual and conspiracy oriented content.

So lets talk content.

In all, the Ron Paul newsletters were released on a monthly basis for 20 years. That means there were no fewer than 240 editions published.

There are a total of 20 editions of the Ron Paul newsletters, which have passages or sections of racist, bigoted, or anti homosexual language, as well as conspiracy theories.

Since the conspiracy theories, aren’t really the issue here, lets stay on focus and talk about the racist passages.

The way The New Republic newspaper stacks it, the total number of newsletter editions with racist passages is not 20 but actually 9 newsletters.

Lets look at those 9.

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