Dennis Prager: ‘Mitt Romney Is As Unflappable As Barack Obama’

Over the past week, Dennis Prager has come to embrace Mitt Romney and to accept that he’ll be the Republican nominee.

Dennis has not endorsed anyone.

On his show today, Dennis said: “In the last year, I’ve come to respect the campaign Mitt Romney has conducted. I’ve had tremendous misgivings. They are gradually withdrawing. I adore Rick Santorum. I don’t think he’ll be president.

“I think Mitt Romney has a better chance with independents than Santorum does.”

“Growing up entails never confusing what you want reality to be with what reality is. That’s what the left does. That people will work [without a profit motive].”

“Romney is as unflappable as Barack Obama. That’s a big deal. That’s what you need. And he’s quick. He’s bright.”

“I have a wariness of businessmen who enter politics… As I watch Mitt Romney, I think he has gone from the mono-focus of being a businessman and given great thought to the large issues and he has come out with a coherent understanding of what America is about.

“I look at a person’s words. The words a politician campaigns on… Not promises. The rhetoric of a candidate is important. I knew I could not vote for Barack Obama based on his rhetoric. I’m tempted to do a quick little book on Barack Obama’s speeches as an insight into who he is.

“I’m a big believer that a person’s words reflect who he is.”

“The words of Mitt Romney are terrific. They are larger than anybody else’s words about the republic in which we live. He understands that there is an epic battle looming in November between two competing visions.”

“Rick Santorum did not join the mendacity bandwagon [lies about Bain Capital against Mitt Romney]. He’s a quality guy.”

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