Doing Something Rude To Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is the most visible representative of organized religion in America today. And there’s something about good people such as Tim (if you love God or goodness, you gotta love Tim Tebow) that makes bad people hate on them.

Tim Tebow is a moral litmus test. He’s like an honorary Jew.

I’m watching the Denver Broncos whomping the Pittsburgh Steelers 14-6. And I’m thinking about spiritual lessons.

Tim Tebow seems like such a gentleman, it makes me want to do something rude to him and if he does not respond in a gentlemanly way, say to people, “Tim’s not a real Christian.”

Yes, I know that’s perverse.

I had a shrink who said I could be exploitive.

I have an Orthodox rabbi friend who asked Dennis Prager for a ride home after his speech. He wanted to test if Dennis Prager was really a mentch.

Dennis declined to give him a ride home, but from my own experience and that of people I trust, Dennis Prager is as big of a mentch as you’ll find.

I so identify with that rabbi. When I meet somebody with a reputation of being a good guy, I feel this perverse desire to test the person. Worse, or more shameful, when I meet someone who’s generous, I want to ask them for a favor.

I’m watching Tim Tebow fire up his sideline. “Football is an emotional game,” notes the commentator.

Judaism is an emotional game for many. I sometimes like dispassionate analysis from a rabbi but on many days, I want to be fired up. Orthodox Judaism is just do damn demanding, I want my emotional tank filled so that I want to go out and do mitzvos.

I was feeling so empty this morning. Talmud study was great, but after davening, I was ready to be inspired.

Khunrum emails: “I’m watching Tim Tebow same as you Luke and I’m pulling for him to win. My friend’s laugh at Tim and mock religion. When I’m at the gym I hear remarks like “Tebow ain’t done s**t since they started talking about him”. Although I am a secular Buddhist, not a Christian, I want Tim to do well and show up the mockers and haters. And yes Luke, you are perverse for wanting to say something rude to him. I was hoping Alexander would rid you of such rude impulses. YESSSSSS! 20 to 6 Tebow!”

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