Joan Hyler Update


Only good news.

Joan is scheduled for surgery today at 10:30am. If all goes as anticipated the procedure will last about 6 hours but this includes travel time to and from the OR, prep time there, etc, etc, so the time on the table will of course be less.

Joan had reponded strongly enough to Tuesday’s procedures and the aftermath that the doctors will attempt three different repairs in today’s operation.
In order of importance, they will first insert a pin in her tibia of her right leg. Next they will deal with the break in Joan’s ankle. Then hopefully they will insert a plate relative to the humerous (sp?) in
her right upper arm.

More good news. They have taken Joan off sedation although she remains on a morphine drip for pain. They are not overtaxing her with commands/requests to ascertain her responses, but as of this morning I am told that more consistently than yesterday she will move her thumb or squeeze her hand when asked to do so to answer direct questions.
Also, improvement in her lung capacity is better than anticipated.

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