Sabbath Muggings In Pico-Robertson

I reported here. emails:

Dear Friends,

Please forward this to your neighbors and anyone else you think would find this information useful. While this may not have happened in your neighborhood, it is much too close for comfort.

As reported:
We just heard from our friend who was mugged on Friday night on
La Cienega and Pico. He lives in Crestview. Two other men were accosted, with their children present, as well in the past month.

The perpetrators in all three incidents were black gang members. Which gang, he could not identify.

In one incident, the man faced his assailant, in another he was grabbed by men in a car and frisked for money. In this person’s case, he was attacked and beaten in front of his son (we have subsequently verified that this man who davens at Chabad of Beverlywood was taken to Kaiser’s ER and needed 15 stitches). All three were religious Jews who carry no money on Shabbat.


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