Joan Hyler Update

The Hollywood talent manager got hit by a car Friday night.

Here’s the latest:

This is essentially a quiet period between the operation Joan underwent on Tuesday and the planned procedure for tomorrow to insert a pin in her leg.
Joan is resting, under sedation. Her vital signs are good. They have started feeding her intraveniously (sp?). Without going into detail, they are maintaining the status quo and preparing her for Friday’s operation.

It needs to be said that the entire UCLA staff of doctors, nurses, and support team have performed magnificently on Joan’s behalf. We couldn’t be in better hands. I’ve heard it said that the UCLA trauma team is the best in the land, but I can only believe that that is an understatement. And special kudos to the ICU nurses–they are extremely competent, extremely dedicated, and the nicest people in the history of the world.

The Endeavor blood drive was a great success. 82 donors appeared and 61 units of whole blood were taken. I know many people still want to give blood on Joan’s behalf. There are essentially only two ways to do so. One is of the nature employed by Endeavor, which was to arrange/sponsor a blood drive where the administration, extraction, etc etc was specifically performed by, and coordinated with, UCLA. The other is for anyone to simply to go to UCLA and donate there. For either method the website to start at is GOTBLOOD.UCLA.EDU

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