Criticize Blacks And You’re A Racist

On his radio show Dec. 12, Dennis Prager: “As a white person, may I say that most conservative whites believe that a great majority of blacks think this country is a racist cesspool. If they don’t, then everyone who speaks on their behalf is a liar who’s not representative of blacks, and I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that blacks walk around grateful to be in America and how unracist it is.”

Liberal Caller: “Most blacks think America hasn’t dealt with its race problems and there is still a great amount of racism.”

Dennis: “White liberals believe that.”

Caller: “You here on all sorts of right-wing talk radio show that if black people only understood that conservatives have their best interest at heart, they wouldn’t vote 90% for the Democrats. They’re not smart enough to figure out that conservatives truly make their lives better but they keep voting Democrat because they’re taken in by race huxsters.”

Dennis: “I believe that. It’s not racism. I believe that about my fellow Jews. They’re not smart enough to realize that the left is their enemy. They’re stupid. They’re naive.”

Caller: “So black people are stupid?”

Dennis: “On this issue, sir. Obviously, Jews are not known for being stupid. On the issue of who their friends are and who their enemies are, Jews are stupid and blacks are stupid.”

Caller: “How can they just be stupid in one narrow area of their life?”

Dennis: “Are you kidding?”

Caller: “How does this happen?”

Dennis: “Because their emotions overtake their intellect.”

Caller: “So they’re emotional and stupid?”

Dennis: “Yes. The emotions make you stupid. It’s true for all of us. When I don’t think rationally, I become stupid.”

“Blacks are blinded by anger at whites. That’s what I believe. If you want me to lie and then patronize blacks… That’s what you want. Mr. Prager, don’t say what you actually think. Say what will make blacks feel good. I take blacks more seriously than you do.”

Caller: “You are racist. Blacks are not capable of having clear political thought.”

Dennis: “I said that about my fellow Jews. Am I anti-Semitic?”

Caller: “No. There’s a difference between anti-Semitism and racism.”

Dennis: “Here’s the rule, folks. Say a critical word about blacks and you’re a racist. That’s what that entire segment was about. You can criticize Jews, whites, any group, but if you criticize blacks, you’re a racist. My view is that if you can’t criticize blacks, you’re a racist.”

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