Are The Palestinians An Invented People?

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager said: “The notion of a separate Palestinian identity, separate from other Arab identities, is new. However, everybody is a made-up people. At a given point in history, every people develops. When did the American people develop and become separate from the British?”

“If you said to an American, when did the Americans start? He’d say some time around 1776. If you said to the Palestinian Governmental Authority, when did the Palestinians start, they’ll say from Biblical times. We’re Philistines. That’s not true. It’s a brand new people.”

“When the newest people on earth say the oldest people on earth aren’t a people, it’s hard to cry on their behalf [about Newt’s statement].”

“This notion that you are going to inflame the Osama Bin Laden types [by opposing militant Islam] in the Arab world… Oh, it will make more terrorists. It will really anger them. Do we have this with any other group on earth? Oh, it will really produce terrorists.

“We will terrorize you. We will cut throats of innocent people. We will kill more than were killed at Pearl Harbor, but if you then say things we don’t like, we’ll really get angry at you…”

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