‘His feuds were many and slashing’

I remember my therapist saying me after I had created another ruckus, “I don’t think you even want to change.”

From the New York Times, a review of a new book on historian Hugh Trevor-Roper:

Among his antagonists was Evelyn Waugh, who objected to Trevor-Roper’s put-downs of Roman Catholicism. Trevor-Roper’s sign-off to one of these feuds, in print, was: “May I recommend to Mr. Waugh a period of silent reading?” His takedown of a book by an Oxford colleague, Lawrence Stone, was described as one that “connoisseurs of intellectual terrorism still cherish to this day.” Another Oxford colleague, Maurice Bowra, once characterized him as “a robot, without human experience, with no girls, no real friends, no capacity for intimacy and no desire to like or be liked.” Trevor-Roper’s marriage to a woman 11 years his senior, Alexandra Henrietta Louisa Howard-Johnston, known as Xandra, did not entirely dispel rumors that he was gay.

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