How A Jew Can Overcome His Sexual Urges


* When seeing a woman young and attractive, envision her 30 to 40 years down the line. She will be wrinkled, bent over, and missing some teeth.

* A Jew must always envision the day of death as a means to defeat the evil inclination in emergency situations.
Envision this woman tempting you laying dead with white maggot worms crawling out of her mouth,nose and eyes. Maybe carrying some maggots in a sealed jar and placed in your car or work desk will serve as a reminder NOT to sin.

* Envision a woman tempting you as an AIDS carrier. As cute as she looks would you take your chances to get close to her. You would not get close to a cute grizzly bear with big claws and sharp teeth, no matter how cute looking.

* Tactic five is called the TOILET TACTIC. If you are a sewer cleaner,real estate manager,plumber and you are tempted with a female customer or tenant who complains about her stuffed toilet stoppage, asked to see the problem. Don’t just delegate it to a worker. Lift the toilet seat and stick your nose in and take a deep sniff. Always anchor the dirty and smelly toilet to that temptress woman and your desires for her will evaporate.

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