Ultimate Praise For ‘The Stand’

If you’ve read my posts about The Stand (www.thestandlink.com), then you already know about my love for this restaurant and its four – more are on the way – locations in Encino, Century City, Westwood and Woodland Hills.

The restaurant’s success is the result, in my opinion, of several factors: 1. exceptional food, 2. excellent service, 3. affordable prices and 4. a beautiful, iconic setting in which to enjoy all these things. The Woodland Hills restaurant, which is the newest in the lineup, combines all of these elements — and takes the experience to another level. All of the decor – the brown-and-white checkerboard tablecloths, the wall-sized captions about classic American comfort food, the elegantly lit surroundings, everything that makes a restaurant memorable – is there, within a community where families can appreciate a fun evening without breaking the bank. Monday Dollar Dog Nights, a weekly promotion at the other locations in Westwood and Encino, is an incredible deal — as the long lines, which move quickly (always a good sign for the impatient), clearly show. But the Woodland Hills restaurant is The Stand as rock star: famous, beautiful and beloved by thousands.

I visited the Woodland Hills location – I live many, many miles away – because word of mouth testimonials about the place are too significant to ignore. When people rave about a restaurant – and remember: praise is scant in this business because there is too much room for failure – then you have a duty to find out what the proverbial fuss is all about. I did — and you should, too.

Everything about The Stand’s presence in Woodland Hills justifies the praise. My salad was great, the staff extremely courteous and the parking – a must in Los Angeles – convenient. To repeat: the parking rocks!

For the thousands of readers who visit my site each day, I want you to take a moment and visit one of The Stand’s four locations. The menu is extensive, accommodating all tastes. Get there. Now.

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