The Pepper Spray Incident At UC Davis

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager said: “You need to watch the longer video to get the context. It’s exactly like the Rodney King beating where people didn’t see what preceded it. The media did their usual mischief-making by showing a tiny sliver so that there’s no context. The kids were asked to leave. They were converging on the police in great numbers. Is there some status that students have that they are allowed to break the law with impunity?

“Watching the chancellor of UC Davis and tearfully apologizing to these narcissists disgusted me. It’s a replay of what I saw at Columbia University when I was a student when I learned that cowardice has no greater manifestation than university administrators. You have to be a coward to have a high position in university administration.

“They took over the campus. Who are they to take over a campus? When the police come and tell you to leave, you leave. What happened to the left’s belief in the rule of law? If the Tea Party had taken over UC Davis, the chancellor would not have been in tears.”

“The poor things will have to pay more for their education. They should sit in union headquarters. How much has the state gone into debt to pay pensions of state employees?”

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