Joan Hyler Has Returned From Surgery

Here’s the latest update on her condition:

Only good news. Joan has just returned to the ICU from the surgery. She responded well to the surgery and the doctors were able to do everything
they had scheduled to do in this procedure. She remains sedated.

Today’s surgery centered on the lower extremities. The doctors had been concerned that the injuries to the bones and muscles and the loss of blood
and circulation could compromise her legs. When they went in they found that the damage was not as bad as feared, and they were able to make repairs. They also determined that she was strong enough that they have
scheduled the next orthopodic procedure for Friday when they will insert
a pin in her leg. She is not out of the woods in this area by any means, but in terms of how today could have gone, in layman’s terms it was wonderful.

Please bear in mind, today’s success is relative to the breaks in her legs. She has many injuries to many other body parts and organs, and in that respect, more will be revealed in the days to come. Nonetheless, for today: Only good news.

Brenda Jones writes:

Joan Hyler wasn’t able to attend the big wedding this weekend between longtime couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi.  Joan Hyler is the manager of actress and newlywed Portia de Rossi but Hyler was involved in an accident on the PCH in Malibu on Saturday night, and was seriously injured when she was struck while attempting to cross the busy coastal road.

Joan Hyler (porti's rep) injured in accident in Malibu (Image: Wenn)
Joan Hyler (porti’s rep) injured in accident in Malibu (Image: Wenn)

According to a report from the Jewish Journal the longtime rep is still in critical condition, but there is good news and she is now stabilized, the report states.  According to another report from KNBC in Los Angeles she was on the Pacific Coast Highway on Saturday night.  The report details that she has an address with her of a friend she was planning to visit and it was still clutched in her hand when the accident occurred. 


She was crossing the road and hit by a passing car.  Accoding to official cited in local reports, the man driving the car was traveling at 40 m.p.h. when he slammed into Hyler.  Police say she was not in a marked crosswalk and he was not ticketed, according to a report from CBS.  She was taken taken by helicopter from the scene of the accident.

The injuries sound very serious as authorities cited by CBS say Joan has multiple fractures.  She also has something identified by sheriff’s Sgt. Philip Brooks as "brain trauma." 


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