Baby Kidnapping In Israel

Yitzhak Kerem emails: Baby kidnapping at Hadasa Ein Karem hospital in Jerusalem in 1964! Boy and girl twins born were born on 29 November 1964 to mother Rachel Nosrat Saadian and her husband Shmuel. Babies born healthy, fed, clothed, and put to sleep. After twins born, the next day, staff informed uncle and father when they went to get baby out of the room where the babies were kept that baby died and baby was buried. When they asked where baby was buried, staff refused to say and noted they were not permitted to give details about the death and burial. Mother still living and she’s about 80 years old. Saadians later changed last name to Arie. Male twin baby was not given an Israeli teudat zehut identity card, but twin sister Margalit was (#05919810). Details revealed to me by surviving twin sister Margalit Saadian Rabo. Saadian parents were both born in Isfahan, Iran. Did Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol continue Ben-Gurion’s legacy in kidnapping Jewish (mostly Mizrachi) babies and giving them to barren childless couples to make them good devoted political party members for life or to be sold abroad? Was this an isolated case or was there also such a trend of baby kidnappings in the 1960s?

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