Joan Hyler Update

Joan was hit by a car on PCH Friday night.

She’s at UCLA medical hospital.

About 20 of her friends gathered last night in Pico-Robertson to recite Psalms on her behalf.

I ran into a couple of them at Jeff’s Gourmet afterwards (Gary Wexler, David Brandes).

Here’s the latest on Joan’s condition from

The doctors came down this morning and met with Nancy, Joan’s sister.
Joan’s vital signs are very good. She continues to be in stable condition which is exactly what we were hoping for. Now that Joan has been stable for the past 24 hours, the doctors are looking to lowering her sedation level to see how she responds. If that response is ok and
indicates that Joan can tolerate movement, the doctors will likely proceed to obtain another CAT scan with a view to determining what needs to be addressed next. All of the above is neither good nor bad. What is
good is that we avoided emergencies for the last 24 hours and are seeking
to build upon that.

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