Are You Engaged In Highly Active Marital Activity?

I just got some “Healer’s Tea.” Seems like the thing to drink after delivering a hearty session of Alexander Technique.

According to here:

A formula used to quickly replenish spent Jing. This great formula replenishes Yin essence and body fluids. It has a powerful anti-aging and regenerative quality. It has traditionally been used by those in the healing arts to replenish the energy given up in the process of their work, especially by body-workers. Also known as Honeymooner’s Tea, it was used by those engaged in highly active marital activity to quickly replenish fluids and marital energy. This formula has an excellent effect on the skin and lungs.

Ingredients — Purified Alkaline Water, Dendrobium, Lycium, Schizandra, Licorice Root, Great Salt Lake trace minerals, potassium glycerophosphate (an excellent source of potassium), Guilin Sweetfruit.

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