Robert J. Avrech – Meanie

He blogs about his flight to the Jewish bloggers conference in Jerusalem tomorrow:



“So what do you?”

I’m on my L.A. to N.Y. flight and I’ve been pecking away at my computer working on a script. There’s a young woman sitting next to me, and she’s so obviously an actress I feel embarrassed labeling her so quickly. But hey, twenty-five years in Hollywood and you kinda recognize the profile.

I go: “I’m a screenwriter.”

“Yeah, what are your credits? Anything big?”

This is the part I really hate. Everyone—from taxi drivers to your local plumber—feels they have a G-d given right to your credits.

So I have this neat comeback: “You first.”

A real conversation stopper.

She fixes me with her baby blues and decides I’m a hostile screenwriter. I’m not, I just don’t want to hear about her journey from Kansas to Hollywood and how haaaard it is breaking in and by the way, is there a part for her in my next film.

Anyway, she jams in her i-Pod buds and grooves away.

I finish the scene, decide it stinks, and delete it.

Pop Ambien.


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