Is Breast-Grabbing Sexual Assault?

Dennis Prager on his radio show today: “When my wife was a waitress at a well-known chain, the manager on a number of occasions just grabbed her breasts. She told him to let go and that was it. My wife could’ve ruined his life. I wonder if he could not go to jail for sexual assault. I don’t condone what he did and I never did such a thing in my life… A playful grabbing of the waitress’s breast by the manager is not gulag nor is it sexual assault.”

“I think Herman Cain was caught off-guard because it was a trivial aspect of his life. There’s a good chance I’d remember few details of something so miniscule. The man leads a busier life than the reporters who make inquiries of him. If there was a miniscule settlement with a woman ten years ago, I’m not sure how much I’d remember. Then he thinks about it more and more. It’s not like there’s more info about bad things coming out. I think this will pass over and be to his benefit.”

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