Eliot Stein Returns

Eliot Stein emails:

Dear Luke,

Until today, June 26, 2007, I had not visited your web site,
www.lukeford.net in many months.

I have two things to say:
1. God Bless Dennis Peters–whoever this person is.
2. Cathy Seipp’s friends have a lot of nerve blaming me for
    something I did not write nor did I have anything to do with.

On your site, I see that a person named Dennis Peters said some things about Cathy Seipp and her friends that I very much agree with.

I see that her friends turned around, blamed me for the posting and wrote an extensive and vicious attack against me.

That would be acceptable had I written the posting. The problem is, I did not. I do not know who Dennis Peters is. I do not know most of the people that Dennis Peters refers to in his writings.

I can not help it if Dennis Peters can see right through these people and their dead guru.

I see that Dennis Peters has a journalspace site in which he continues his thoughts about these people–most whom I do not have the slightest idea who they are. And I’m sure that other than among themselves, nobody else does either.

My writing style is always very clear whether it is at my own web site, www.eliotstein.com  or at the satirical web site I had to put up to balance the OBSCENE one about me which was put up by Cathy Seipp’s friends.

I had both the F.B.I. and the Burbank Police Department involved in reviewing that particular site. It was AMAZING the personal service I received. I finally felt that my taxes were being used effectively. In both cases, the neighbors were looking through curtains as law enforcement from both marked and unmarked vehicles appeared at my residence. Both agencies are investigating that site for violations of local, state and federal laws related to obscenity. They say that if the perpetrators crossed the line regarding the existing statutes, criminal action will be taken. I gave them the names of the three people I suspect are involved. I later had to explain to the neighbors why these people were visiting and why they were shaking hands with me at their vehicles.

God Bless Dennis Peters. Apparently a reasonable person who has the courage to say something about how things really are.

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