The Smart Move

Joe emails: Pundits all around are shocked that Obama is supporting that movement of shleppers and misfits known as Occupy Wall Street. They wonder why Obama would lurch left when he needs the middle to win the election. Actually, Obama is doing the smart thing.

First, there is no real way to get independents behind him. They will vote for him or not based on the economy and/or national security in late October, and based on how awful a candidate the GOP puts up. The independents hate him now and there is not much he can do to win them over, save for making unemployment go away or getting economic growth going. That could happen if he reduced taxes or repealed Obama care, but that is not going to happen. So he will leave independents for another day.

Second, he needs his base, badly. He craves the “fire it up” gang of dissatisfied youth and minorities. He needs the foot soldiers to show that the Obama myth is still alive. He gets this by being with the idiots in the park, and not meeting with the idiots on capitol hill to make a good deal for the economy.

Three, the media is for Occupy Wall Street and portraying them as akin to the Selma marchers. Obama does not care that fox news and glenn beck and howard stern have shown these goons to be submorons, with strong anti-semitic feelings, the opinion makers have shown them to be the best of America.

Fourth, Obama has shut off any possible third party or primary challenge by applauding the protesters. A third party like Nader or some other misfit would take away 1-5% of Obama’s vote.

Obama is making the smart moves.

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