Democrats Support The Occupy Wall Street Movement

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager praised Christopher Columbus and the European explorers who mapped the globe and opened it to civilization. “I salute Columbus’s courage. These explorers were unbelievable human beings. They are what astronauts were.”

“The Wall Street crowd are overwhelmingly funders of the Democratic party. Here is what you fund. The Democrats have aligned themselves with these people. The New York Times could not be more proud of these urinators and defecators. I hope they hang on there and make life miserable for these Wall Streeters who wouldn’t be caught dead giving to a conservative cause.”

The New York Times reported over the weekend:

Several businesses said they had no choice but to respond to the influx of protesters by closing bathrooms.

Mike Keane, who owns O’Hara’s Restaurant and Pub, said that the theft of soap and toilet paper had soared and that one protester had used the bathroom but had failed to properly use the toilet. Both Ms. Tzortzatos, owner of the Panini and Company Cafe, and Mr. Keane said the protesters rarely bought anything, yet hurled curses when they were told that only paying customers could use their bathrooms.

Steve Zamfotis, manager of another nearby store, Steve’s Pizza, said: “They are pests. They go to the bathroom and don’t even buy a cup of coffee.”

Mr. Zamfotis closed his bathroom after it repeatedly flooded from protesters’ bathing there.

Dennis: “I want you to compare this to the Tea Party people who demonstrate in a public place in far greater numbers than these people, clean up after themselves, and it is as if they were never there when they were gone. And they brought porterpotties.”

“Why do you think the organizers of these demonstrations neglected to bring portable toilets? They have the mentality the left instilled in them — you owe nobody anything.”

“Whenever I have used the public restroom of a restaurant, I have asked permission and when possible, I’ve bought something. They don’t exist to provide Dennis Prager a toilet, but the moment I say that, I’m not on the left.”

“The more the average American sees of the left, the better. The more they see of San Francisco, the better.”

“How many of the Occupy Wall Street protesters are married with kids? Most of these people have been taken care of all their lives and they’ve hit a bump in the road and they’re not being taken care of anymore.”

“The people in the Tea Party have responsible lives. They go back home and they take care of themselves first of all, their spouses, their children, in many cases parents, and their communities. Who do these people at Occupy Wall Street take care of? Do they lead productive lives?”

“I am proud to say to anyone who wants to know the difference between the left and the right — look at the Tea Party and look at the Occupy protesters.”

“Republicans needs to get video of these Occupy people and video of people who own stores in that area.”

Report: In a widely distributed pamphlet, “Welcome to Liberty Plaza: Home of Occupy Wall Street,” participants were instructed where to find relief. “After you’ve dined,” it reads, “feel free to refresh yourself in the restrooms of neighboring businesses like Burger King and McDonald’s without feeling obligated to buy anything.”

Dennis: “Knowledge is the friend of the right.”

“These protesters are peeing on Wall Street. That’s fine with me. I’m here to defend capitalism, not Wall Street. If Wall Street wants to give their money to people who urinate on them, fine with me.”

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