Conservatives Falling In Love With Herman Cain

On his radio show Friday, Dennis Prager said: “It’s hard for a conservative not to fall in love with Herman Cain. I didn’t even start speaking about him until a couple of weeks ago.”

“I can support him. He combines so many terrific things, you’re waiting for the shoe to drop. Where is he weak?”

“He is so good and he is so cheerful. He’s close to Ronald Reagan in temperament. I don’t even think [MSNBC’s] Lawrence O’Donnell dislikes him. It’s not that he puts you off with charm and smiles and respect, but also with substance. The man was challenged to the core of his character and didn’t stutter.”

The WSJ takes issue with Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan because if we instituted a national sales tax, it would inevitably be raised. We began with an income tax at 1% and it rose to 93%. There’s no way it will stay at 9%.

“I had to take math in college and thank God, I got to take a logic class (in the math department) instead of just numbers.”

“They cite polls on the left as a given when they are in their favor. The right-wing does not do that. If you do that, you run a risk if you are intellectually honest. Most Americans think there should be some curbs on abortion.”

“I agree with the psychiatrists I’ve had on my show who said that about one in five of their colleagues were competent.”

“We white liberals know how blacks should act. The contempt that the liberal white has for blacks that blacks will realize this one day. That all the respect came from conservatives. The reason it will be realized is that it is true and eventually all truths come out.”

“What a guy did in college 50 years ago doesn’t tell me much. Imagine a reporter asking a candidate, ‘You spent your time in college getting drunk and hooking up, how are you qualified to be commander in chief?'”

“There’s nobody who infuriates the left like a conservative black. The thing is Herman Cain is so lovable and so bright, they’re beside themselves.”

Dennis says there’s nothing wrong with describing Herman Cain as articulate. Plenty of white people are not articulate. It is not a given that a nominee for president is articulate. “Mentioning ‘articulate’ is not necessarily ‘Wow, he’s black and he’s articulate.'”

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