The Vote For Herman Cain Was A Protest Vote

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager talked about Herman Cain winning the Florida straw poll for Republican nominees for president.

Dennis: “It’s a protest vote. We don’t like any of the nominees so we’ll vote for a guy we like. All of the Republicans like Herman Cain. He makes sense. He has common sense. He is funny. He’s down to earth. He went from nothing to great business. It’s a great story. The man has battled fourth stage cancer. He has an interesting resume.”

“Gee, what a bunch of racists. If they wanted a protest vote, they could’ve gone elsewhere, but no, they went for Herman Cain. How does that comport with the charge of the left that conservative Republicans are racists. Must be a new group — Republican racists for blacks!”

On Prager’s show, Michael Medved says Rick Perry is bleeding voters who were for him because of his ideology but now are leaving him because of Perry’s position on immigration and the mandatory HPV vaccine for 13 year old girls. Also, those who thought Perry was the most electable are discouraged by his bumbling debate performances.

Dennis notes that the Palestinian prime minister did not say the word ‘Jewish’ once in his UN speech last week.

Dennis praises Bibi’s speech last week at the UN as “one of the finest speeches I’ve heard.”

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