Israel Important To American Voters

Stephen Steinlight emails: Thank God for the American people. Ordinary American Christians are Israel’s firewall. Politically correct Jews (at least the shrinking cohort that retains a scintilla of concern for Israel) and who enjoy caricaturing Evangelicals and other people of outspoken faith ought to go down on their knees to them and beg forgiveness — rather than kowtow to Obama. It is because he can’t forge the political power of those religious folk that President Obama will not be permitted to turn Israel into 1938 Czechoslovakia, something he’d dearly love to do.


More than half of likely voters say the Obama administration’s policy on Israel is either somewhat or very important to the way they vote, according to this week’s The Hill Poll.

The survey comes just as Republicans managed to win the Brooklyn- and Queens-based congressional seat of former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), in what many called a referendum on President Obama’s approach to Israel.

The winner, newly sworn in Rep. Bob Turner (R), used the issue to bludgeon his Democratic opponent, David Weprin, in the heavily Jewish district.

Obama is expected to meet early this week with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in New York, as the United Nations holds its annual General Assembly meetings.

One of the issues the U.N. is expected to address is a push by Palestinians for a declaration of statehood, something the United States has promised to veto.

According to The Hill Poll, more than 25 percent consider the administration’s approach to Israel “very important” to the way they vote. An additional 36 percent consider it “somewhat important.”

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