The Return Of R. Leib Tropper


Simshalom emails: Hi,

Worth keeping an eye on but so far it’s more a sign of a desperado willing to try some cheap PR on the web, and it may not even be him putting up this crap, probably his wife, he never used to give out such intimate details about his life as there are on these links that have more info about him than the Wikipedia article has about him!

Not one word about EJF that he founded and was shut down in disgrace or the “Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation” that he robbed blind with his friend Nochum Eisenstein. Or for that matter that he was sacked from his own Kol Yaakov yeshiva, and banned from Monsey, ALL this is verifiable and still very much available online.

But he is sick for attention and must be suffering withdrawal symptoms of a banned “performer” denied his limelight (in his case it’s also a porn star role!) like a skewered fish out of muddy water gulping and clutching at anything that could get it back in to the pond.

It looks like he is stuck and is trying to make sounds on the Internet,
but it remains to be seen if his “calls” will be answered because at this
point his name is still mud out there and anyone can Google his name and read about the scandals that brought him down.

To devote attention to him now would be playing into his hands by giving him even negative PR that will make him noticeable, so it’s best to just keep an eye on him for now as he circles around like a wounded shark.

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