Who Attacked Us On 9/11?

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager said: “Yesterday’s [media] was wall-to-wall 9/11 and appropriately so. What was missing from yesterday’s discussion was reference to who attacked us. It was as if New York Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. experienced a terrible earthquake. No mention.

“To an extent, it is a tribute to the United States, which is not a country that hates. It is probably the least hate-filled country in the world.”

“That there is no mention that there is a war on Islamic terror taking place in this world. This war is not over. We didn’t win. This is not an anniversary of a win. It is an anniversary of a defeat. It is an anniversary of an event like Pearl Harbor.”

“The left describes Islamic terrorists as aberrations. There’s no culture that produces them. There’s nothing to be learned except that there are extremists in every religion. Who exactly is threatened by Christian extremists?”

“It’s stated that Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the same God. A question to be asked of Muslims is, ‘Do you worship the God of Israel?’ Because every Christian would say yes. I’m not saying Muslims would say no. It would be an interesting question to ask an imam, but the day that a CNN reporter asks that of an imam will be a messianic age.”

“Nobody mentions that we’re having a war with a segment of the Islamic world. We are. Why is that anti-Muslim? But you can’t say it. The left runs interference on the part of Islamists.”

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