‘Most Of [Russia’s] Jews Suffered Horribly Under Communism’

That’s what Dennis Prager said on his radio show today.

Hmm, did the Jews suffer worse comparatively than non-Jews? I don’t think so.

Yes, Jews went to the Gulag, but a substantial number of those who were running the Gulag and were sending people to the Gulag were Jews.

Jews benefitted from the opening up of education to everybody.

Yuri Slezkine in his book The Jewish Century says that Jews in Russian rose to the top of society like Jews did in America.

Joe emails:

Did you not know all about the persecution of the Jews in Soviet Russia? I don’t know what "worse" means, but overall it was a disaster. All the religious leaders were killed, as well as the artistic ones, all the poets, writers, bloggers (ok, well, they didn’t exist yet but would have), they were not allowed to travel, the Jewish languages (Yiddish, Judeo-tat, Judeo-Bukharian) etc were outlawed. You didn’t read "the Jews of Silence" by Elie Wiesel? Or hear of the Jackson-Vanik amendment? Many of us spent our formative years in the fight for Soviet Jewry!

Yes, a Russian will always say the Jews were at the top, just like they say here, or recently in France, but the Soviets were the world source of anti-semitism for all those years, it was one of their primary exports to the Arab world, for example. The Russians, after all, wrote the Protocols of the Elder of Zion.

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