I Dream Again About Rabbi Weil

I dreamed I swung by Beth Jacob on a Sunday morning. The shul had some family event. I hung out.

Then, with some trepidation, I walked to the door of the shul.

Rabbi Weil came by and invited me to accompany him to his office.

I sat in the back while he talked with some of his congregants.

I picked up an inspirational book from his shelf and read while he talked on.

Then he invited me to get in his car.

He drove about an hour to a river where Beth Jacob members and their families were hiking.

He talked about various aspects of Judaism including the imperative against gossip.

"Oh, come on," I said. "Rabbis, in private, gossip about as much anyone else."

He elucidates why that is not true in his case.

He’s fiery and passionate.

He stops beside the river. I get out. He drives away.

I felt annoyed. I was tired and not up to hiking but to get a ride home, I now needed to hike.

So I walked beside the river with the other families and somehow I got separated from everyone else, and it took me a year of hiking to get home.

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